La planète rouge


Sep 13, 2021

Dania Bder’s short film for Arte inaugurated our virtual production studio. The challenge was that the lead actor had to be filmed at various times of the day in a construction crane cabin nestled 100 meters above Beirut. As a bonus, a choreography with the actor hanging from the boom of the crane  ! Impossible to be made with a film crew, even reckless ! We were able to offer a tailor-made virtual solution. We first supervised a drone shoot in Lebanon to produce quality plates, supported by additional photogrammetry. Given the small changes in parallaxes at such a height, we didn’t need to reconstruct a Beirut matte in full 3D. The drone plates were assembled at 360 ° at 4 key moments of the day. For the filming, we simply installed a crane cabin in the center of the set, with an elevation of 2 meters. The boom of the crane was augmented in 3D  onUnreal / Disguise. Our permanent on set Moviebird crane allowed us to take shots all around the cabin with ease. The reflections on the cabin windows are spectacular and would have been impossible to achieve in green screen post-production. It’s a real benefit of the  technology. For the choreography scenes, the in-house equipments at Provence Studios allowed the production to use a 20 meter telescopic crane to suspend the actor in the middle of the set and ensure shots all around him. A great story of cranes !! This first project demonstrate that virtual production is not only intended for sci-fi. All cinematographic genre can take advantage of it. Thank you to the entire Gogogo Films team for this confidence.

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La planète rouge