Sep 12, 2021

Virtual production is a concentrate of technology. We find her at steps that we do not always imagine. In recent years, the study of electricity networks in France and around the world has shown an acceleration of harmonic type disturbances in the electrical network. What is it about ? Our televisions, computers and electronic devices need direct current to work. Their power supply do this job but send many disturbances which alter the sinusoidal voltage of the global network. Sometimes, this phenomenon has serious consequences on our machines and their stability . On Sunday evening, at the time of the big television masses, the phenomenon is a puzzle for power distributors. And it’s only getting worse. For The Next Stage, we called on engineers from Legrand to size the filters harmonics at the height of the 1,500 individual power supplies that came at a time disrupt the general network, but also our installation. These filters are a guarantee of quality for all the signals in transit, but also a necessity for security. For example, a huge LED wall installed during a recent Hellfest Festival simply burned the mobile power units installed to power it. With the development of current technologies, harmonic filtering will become an imperative even at the level of a home.

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